DLC Kalecik Karasi
DLC Kaleceik Karasi emphasizes the unique characteristics of Kalecik Karasi grapes, especially the fruitiness of this varietal, one of the favorites amanog Anatolian grapes, generally cultivated in the environs of Ankara Kizilirmak. With its fruity character it yields easy to drink, smooth, medium bodied.
Kalecik Karasi
3-4 years following the vintage date under ideal storage conditions.
16-18 °C
Decanting 30 minutes prior to consumption is recommended.
International Wine Challenge 2012 - Bronze Medal (England)
Japan Wine Challenge 2013 - Mansion (Japan)
China Best Value Wine & Spirits Awarads 2013 - Gold medal (China)
Cathay Pasific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2013 - Bronze medal (HK)