Doluca for 3 Generations

Started its production with the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, Doluca is the unique wine brand of our country of the same age with the Republic, and as being a company that is among the oldest 20 companies of our country, it signs its name to Turkish winemaking industry with proud for 3 generations.


Founder of Doluca, Nihat Ahmet Kutman signed its name to the history of Turkish winemaking industry as the first Turkish oenologist...

Nihat Ahmet Kutman was born in Mürefte in 1903. He was 19 years old when graduated from Nişantaşı High School that he attended after he had graduated from primary school. Nihat A. Kutman took the opportunity, which he was looking for, to realize his passion for winemaking when the Republic’s government removed monopoly of minorities in the winemaking industry. We attended to Geisenheim Institute in Germany for receiving education in the field of Oenology and Viticulture and in 1926, he returned to Turkey and founded “Maison Vinikol”, the base of Doluca of today. Nihat A. Kutman brought grape varieties for wine such as Cinsault, Semillon, Gamay and Riesling in Turkey, and pioneered spreading of them. Doluca, placed on the market in the early 1940′s, was gained appreciation of consumers in a very short time both due to the distinction of the varieties and the conscious care shown in their production. Devoted his life to bring Doluca to where it is today, Nihat Kutman passed away in Istanbul in 1980.


As the second generation, Ahmet Kutman who has introduced several firsts in Turkish winemaking industry continues his efforts uninterruptedly for improving viticulture and winemaking of high quality...

Son of Nihat A. Kutman, Ahmet Kutman was born in Istanbul in 1944. In 1963, he went to USA for receiving education in the field of Oenology and Viticulture after he graduated from Robert College of Istanbul. Graduating from University of California-Berkeley at California and University of California at Davis, Ahmet Kutman returned to his country in 1967, and after completion of his military service lasting for two years, he joined the management of Doluca as the second generation. 1980s was a period that Doluca broadened its range of high quality wines more and more under the leadership of Ahmet Kutman. Thanks to investments costing tens of millions dollars commenced in 1985 and under several different projects which have been continuing uninterruptedly for over 20 years, Doluca has achieved a significant position among most developed winemakers of the world both in terms of capacity and technology as well as quality. The Sarafin Project commenced in 1989 by Ahmet Kutman, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Doluca and prime winemaker, together with Güven Nil was also an important milestone for improvement of viticulture of high quality in Turkey. Today, Ahmet Kutman continues to hold office as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Doluca.


As the 3rd generation, Ali Kutman is pioneering the issue of “producing what is proper” by virtue of research and development activities he is leading...

Son of Ahmet Kutman, Ali Kutman was born in Istanbul in 1973. After completing his middle and high school education at Northfield Mount Hermon Highschool at Massachusetts in USA, he attended to Muhlenberg College at Pennsylvania. After completing his education in the field of Oenology and Viticulture at Napa Valley College at California that is among the most renowned wine countries in the USA, Ali Kutman joined management of Doluca as the third generation in 2003. Holding office in the production department with Ahmet Kutman, Ali Kutman has two children whose names are Efe and Ceylan growing as the fourth generation. Ali Kutman continues to hold office in Doluca as the Member of the Board of Directors.


As the 3rd generation, Sibel Kutman Oral who has established Doluca Marketing Department plays an important role for endearing and introducing wine in Turkey...

Daughter of Ahmet Kutman, Sibel Kutman Oral was born in Istanbul in 1975. After graduating from Robert College, she went to Wesleyan University at Connecticut in USA in 1992 for her education. After completing her education, she stayed in New York for continuing her carrier in the field of modern dance, her first passion and she danced here professionally. Decided to return Turkey and join Doluca as the third generation at the end of 1997, Sibel Kutman Oral has continued marketing and sales activities of Doluca since that date. Having a son whose name is Baran Oral growing as the fourth generation, Sibel Kutman Oral continues to hold office in Doluca as the Member of the Board of Directors.