Çerkezköy Production Facility

• Established on a land having a surface area of 52,000 square meters consisted of a closed area of 22,000 square meters and an open area 30,000 square meters.

• Has a production capacity of 14 million liters.

• Out of 4 collection tanks, two tanks can introduce 20 tons of grapes per hour to the production while other two of them introduce 2 tons of grapes per hour.      

4 grape cooling lines aiming temperature control for grapes which are discharged from the destemmers until entering into the press.

• Computer-controlled cooling system.

• Totally 61 double jacketed stainless steel maceration tanks in different sizes.

6 airbag membrane presses each 20-25 tons of capacity.

One 2,200 liters and one 5,000 liters presses with inert gas atmosphere.

• Vacuum operated "drum filter" which can separate 4 tons of grape juice from sediments.

• "Centrifuge filter" driven by centrifugal force which can filter 5 tons grape juice per hour.

• For filtering the large particles in the wine, 2 "Kieselguhr" filters which are able to filter 20 tons wine.

2 generators.

330 stainless steel tanks in different sizes each having heat insulation, 110 tanks out of 330 have a cooling system.

• Totally 3,400 oak barrels consisted of 225 liters and 300 liters barrels, 12 horizontal oak tanks named “decumbent” each with a capacity of 5,750 liters.

• Special barrel rooms with cooling/heating system.

• Quality control laboratory.

Bottling unit having 2 filling machines, one with a capacity of 5,000 bottles per hour and the other with a capacity of 7,000 bottles per hour.

2 glue labeling machines with a labeling capacity of 10,000 per hour and 1 adhesive labeling machine with a labeling capacity 5,000 per hour.

Product warehouse with a capacity of 1,300,000 bottles.

• Special clarification system.