Karma Merlot Bogazkere
The Merlot grape variety, with its smooth, velvety flavor and fruity character, adds richness and smoothness to Karma Merlot-Bogazkere wine. On the other hand, the strong, full-bodied and tannic Bogazkere variety, reflecting the spesific soil and climate conditions of the Diyarbakir Region through its spicy character, delivers its unique aromatic qualities in Karma Merlot-Bogazkere. After 12 months of aging in French and American oak barrels, the wine is remarkable with its rich, full-body, smooth and fruity nature.
Bogazkere, Merlot
Southeastern Anatolia, Thrace
6-7 years following the vintage date under ideal storage conditions.
12 months in French oak barrels.
16-18 °C
Decanting 30 minutes prior to consumption is recommended.