Tanit Red
Cabernet Sauvignon grape, which is grown in the controlled vineyards of Doluca and defined as the “king of reds”, reflects its tanned, bodied and fruity features in Tanit Red. Cabernet Franc grape, which is very common in the world with its Cabernet Sauvignon currant, gives Tanit Red a soft drink with its vibrant and original aromatic structure. In our wine, which was aged in 225-liter French oak barrels for 7 months, both strong varieties of grapes complement each other by gaining strength as they age, and a balanced emerges. Tanit Red, which makes its long body and strong structure feel on the palate, invokes the aromas of cloves, black pepper, prunes, tobacco, black mulberry and vanilla.
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
6-7 years following the vintage date under ideal storage conditions.
7 months in 225 lt. French oak barrels
16-18 °C
Decanting 30 minutes prior to consumption is recommended.