Tugra Kalecik Karasi
Tugra Kalecik Karasi wine we combined the floral and vivid nature of Ankara Region’s Kalecik Karasi varietals with dark colored, delicate yet fruit forward characteristics of Denizli Region’s Kalecik karasi grapes through a balanced blend. Modern vineyard management methods and low yield programs applied at these vineyards gave us very terroir spesific and high potential grapes to work with. Tugra Kalecik Karasi was produced with a week long cool fermantation following cold maceration, and was aged briefly in French oak. Tugra Kalecik Karasi is a smooth, crisp, aromatic and delicate wine which can be consumed youngif preferred lend itself to further aging.
Kalecik Karasi
Ankara, Denizli
5-6 years following the vintage date under ideal storage conditions.
16-18 °C